Hair Thickening FAQ

Can I brush my hair?

You can brush then ends of your hair and up with a Wet brush or loop brush made for extensions avoiding application area. The Wet brush has softer bristles so they won't pry open the attachment area.  If the attachment area is accidentally brushed and pried open water/oil can affect the longevity of your extensions.

Can I wash my hair?

You can wash your hair with sulfate free shampoos, you shouldn't over massage around the attachment area but you can shampoo as normal. Only condition the ends.  Do not get conditioner around the application area. 

Are the extensions itchy?

You will barely feel the extensions in your hair.

What if one of them falls out?

Call the salon and schedule and appointment and inspection as soon as possible.  

What products can I use on them?

You can use any Aveda styling products on them.  The simplicity extensions are made of human hair, but you will want to keep products away from the attachment area.

How long will they stay in my hair?

On average the extensions need to be adjusted and reapplied every 4-6 weeks.

Do I have to buy new extensions when these fall out?

Extensions can be reapplied two to three times before needing to be replaced.   We recommend purchasing two sets of hair, wearing them for six weeks at a time.   Normally you will need to re purchase hair every 36 weeks.

Can I still get my hair colored?

You can color your hair but extensions must be removed first.

Can I have extensions if my hair has been colored or chemical treated?

Depending on the condition of the chemically treated or color treated hair, we will determine whether you are a candidate for extensions.  This will be explained in the consultation.