Weddings don’t begin the day of the ceremony.  A great deal of planning and preparation go into making certain that your special day runs as smoothly as possible.  That’s why we recommend booking your Bridal Package as far in advance as possible.

We want to help you make your wedding as enjoyable as possible. It’s never too early to begin planning, so we’ve broken it down into these three easy steps.

To inquire about more information about how we can make the most important day of your life even more special, email our wedding planner Victoria at [email protected] or call her at 512.637.0888.

  • $410 Basic Bridal Package (Bride only)
    • Pre-Consultation Appointment
       Come on in and get to know us. Meet your stylist and the rest of the staff. (15 min)
    • The Trial Run
       Exactly what it sounds like. Go ahead and figure out the exact style of Updo and Makeup you want. (3 hours)
    • The Big Day
       Here it is, the big day. Time for all that hard work to pay off. You and your Bridal Party come in and let us pamper you until you look great. (3 hours)
  • $25/person Brunch & Beauty
    You’ve got a busy day ahead of you. Why not treat the wedding party to a light lunch and a glass of champagne?
  • $83 each Bridesmaids & Family Up-Do
  • $63 each Bridesmaids & Family Makeup