Listening is the key to our clients’ satisfaction. This is the experience you will encounter when you visit Maximum FX. We believe it is this kind of five star treatment that sets Maximum FX apart from other salons.

Maximum FX is a place where beauty and rejuvenation come together for a truly enriching experience for both women and men.

Jacalyn Luth was the visionary that brought Maximum FX to fruition by opening its doors in the summer of 1991 on Guadalupe St. across from the University of Texas.  In 2002, the small studio space closed and a new location was opened on South Congress across from The Texas School for the Deaf. That location served the South Austin community between 2003 to late 2017.  During that time, in the fall of 2006, Maximum FX expanded and opened its second location in southwest Austin in the Escarpment Village Shopping Center located in Circle C Ranch.  In 2018, the South Congress location moved to the trendy South Lamar area.   Our third location was opened in December of 2013 at the entrance of the very popular Austin shopping destination The Domain outdoor shopping mall.

In the beginning, with hard work and perseverance, Maximum FX’s marketing consisted of hair shows at local down-town clubs and teaching seminars through sororities, fraternities and professional organizations in the downtown area. We have continued to evolve and provide the highest quality of service in a fun and invigorating atmosphere.

In January of 2002, Javier Herrera, a long time associate and Artistic Director of Maximum FX, and Chris Murphy, then a Senior Financial Analyst at Dell Financial Services, purchased the salon from Jacalyn. Javier and Chris’ dedication and commitment to the industry is evident in their decision to move into salon ownership.

Javier and Chris take pride in the professionalism and quality that their salon offers each guest. They have surrounded themselves with a team of educated and talented individuals. They have evolved into a team of experts who take pride in developing the business with Chris and Javier. Their commitment to the industry and the team is what makes Maximum FX what it is today.

Maximum FX has provided the community an icon of environmental awareness, from participation in fundraisers for worthy charitable causes. The most important thing we have done for the local community as well as our global community is become an official Aveda Concept Salon.

What does this mean to you? It means we only use and endorse Aveda products. This choice we have made insures your health as well as the health of our planet because Aveda only utilizes the most natural and organically derived ingredients, free from harmful synthetics and petrochemicals. There are never artificial fragrances in Aveda products because they only use the freshest organic plant and flower essences.

Just as Aveda has sustained itself as a leader in environmental awareness within our global community, we intend to do our part on a local level with the long term benefit being a sustainable future for the health of our clients as well as the health of the planet.