Q. I have a difficult time explaining the way I want my hair cut and always leave salons a bit disappointed. What can I do?
 A. We suggest bringing several pictures that best illustrate the style and look that you want. It may take several pictures to get the point across, but that’s okay. Making sure that we maintain clear communication will almost always result in a positive salon experience.

Q. What if I have other questions?
A. We want you to get the most out of our salon and wellness spa. Please talk to your service provider about any other concerns you have.

Q. Who is NOT a candidate for waxing?
A. If you are using (or have recently used) Retina-A, or Accutane, or any other prescribed medication that might make your skin extra sensitive, you are not a candidate for hair removal by waxing. If you have had chemical peels or are using any type of medication that causes peeling, you should not undergo a waxing procedure. If you are unsure about whether you may or may not be a candidate for waxing, please consult your physician before scheduling any waxing services.