Meet Christian

•Job Title: Hair color Specialist at South Lamar

•Hometown: Born and raised in Austin

•School: Baldwin Beauty Schools

•What I'm looking forward to in the next year: Learning and growing to become a better hair stylist. I want to become the greater version of myself.

•My favorite part of the job: I wouldn’t say I have a favorite part. Theres no monotony, everyday is different because everyone has different hair and hair needs. So to me that means no two days are the same and every day presents a new challenge.

•What attracted me to the industry: I love being able to interact with people on a personal level and make them feel good about themselves and their hair. Everyone has different goals for their hair, and being able to help them achieve it makes it worthwhile no matter how difficult the journey may be. I also feel like our industry is great for self expression; whether its hair color, tattoos or piercings, everyone has the liberty to express themselves and their style.

•Favorite color technique: Balayage


•Little known facts about me: New Orleans Saints is my favorite NFL team because Drew Brees went to my high school, WHO DAT!