Meet Angie

•Job Title: Hair Color Specialist at Circle C Ranch

•Hometown: Born and raised in Austin, TX

•School:  Baldwin Beauty School; Austin, TX

•What I'm looking forward to in the next year: Expanding my color knowledge to be able to give each guest the customized hair color they're dreaming of!

My favorite part of the job being able to focus solely on my favorite aspect of hair and become a master of color while having a strong team to reinforce where I may be lacking.  I love being able to focus all of my attention on one thing.

My favorite color techniques:  While I am always excited for any color service, my favorite are guests who like to have a little fun with it, experimenting with vivid/fashion colors are my absolute favorite!

•What attracted me to the industry I'm a creative person who has always had a love for hair color.  Since I was 12, I have used myself as a guinea pig to test all the theories of hair color, which through trial and error has given me a stronger foundation of color knowledge to make a career out of and provide guests with a trusting experience.

AngieBW 3

•Little known facts about me: Outside of hair, my biggest passion is getting to save animals that have been mistreated of neglected.  I basically have a mini-rescue farm with every intent to do this for my whole life.