Hair Color

What is HeadMapping®?

HeadMapping® is an operational color system that allows our salon to deliver consistent color services through creative technical standards. We are serious about color and understand how important results are to you and what great consistent hair color can do for you mentally, emotionally and physically. Whether you need your roots touched up, full highlights or new fresh color, we can offer you more flexibility with available options when scheduling a color service. Using Aveda Hair Color, our whole color team is trained and capable of replicating all color services. To guarantee results, all color formulas and procedures are always inputted and kept using our ColorBiz software. Pricing integrity is offered through our itemized color menu, and as a HeadMapping® salon client, you will experience consistent pricing.

HeadMapping® Color Service Menu

New growth what’s this?
any length $70
any length (3 week) no style-blowout $40
Color balance™ what’s this?
(new growth to ends)
short $70
medium $80
long $90
extra-long $100
Highlighting services what’s this?
1/3 panel what's this? $55
1/2 panel what's this? $65
full panel what's this? $75
1/3 panel division A what's this? $75
1/2 panel division AB * what's this? $95
full panel division A * what's this? $95
full panel division AB what's this? $115
full panel division AC what's this? $115
full panel division ABC what's this? $135
* Most popular color-light services
In between foils what’s this?
(new growth) $60
In between foils color balance™ what’s this?
short $60
medium $70
long $80
extra-long $100
Color cleanse™ what’s this?
new growth $25
short $35
medium $40
long $45
extra long $55
Color tone what’s this?
short $15
medium $20
long $30
extra-long $40
corRective color
For Corrective Color consultation, we may ask you to come in for a stand alone appointment first.
headmapping logoAccurate pricing available on consultation. All prices based on itemized HeadMapping® Color Service menu.Maximum FX is a certified HeadMapping Salon