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What clients are saying:

"I cannot say enough good things about the crew at Maximum Fx. After a last minute fumbled experiment with at home haircolor, I was lucky enough to get hooked up with Javier and the crew at Maximum FX. Erinn is an amazing colorist and wasted no time going to work on the train wreck I had created. I left with the richest best looking color I ever had. Believe it or not, I am kind of grateful for this nightmare because I got a chance to meet her. Everyone who walked out of that salon had incredibly rich looking glossy dimensional color. I have never been to a salon where all of the stylists cooperated with each other, and encouraged clients to experiment with other sylists and colorists. What a unique and positive place. I really cant say enough about these people. Thank you again."

— Shelia Attal

"Went in for my regular wax and got to add on a free hair gloss that I won during Casino month. Received a head and neck massage, hot tea, and a hand massage. Fantastic!! You are treated like royalty here. Didn't want to leave."


"There are several reasons I've made maximum FX my home salon: extremely gifted aestheticians, excellent customer service, streamlined scheduling, solid communications and overall just a lovely place to take a break from the rest of the day."


"I've been going to maximumfx for quite awhile and although I have changed stylists several times-they have all been really great. Also, I think the waxer is amazing-my eyebrows always come out perfect."


"I have been going to your salon off and on for years. This particular day I had moved an existing apt for a hair cut to another day and added a partial color. It happen to get all mixed up while rescheduling and they dropped the hair cut. We only discovered this after the color when I was expecting to receive it and they didn't have time. I was upset at this because I am leaving town for vacation and good hair was really important to me. Jordan did everything she could to rectify the situation and Melinda ended up squeezing me in before her next apt. I left very happy. Mix ups happen but the way we handle them is everything for the client and the FX team handled it well."

— Katie L. Nelson

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