You Got What In Your Hair?

Gum & Sticky Candy

Take a little bit of creamy peanut butter and work it slowly into the gum that is stuck in the hair. Use a wide tooth comb, pick or the tail of a rattail comb to remove the peanut butter and the gum. Work on very small sections of the hair at a time. If the gum is hard to remove try multiple applications of the peanut butter. Never use crunchy peanut butter or you may add to the ultimate problem.

An alternative option is Wesson or other salad oil. The oil will soften the gum and make it easier to dislodge from the hair. Work a little oil into the hair around the gum or candy and use a pick or rattail comb to work the object out.

Another option is to apply ice cubes to the gum and "freeze" the gum until hardens and is easier to pick out of the hair.

Be sure to shampoo hair well after all the gum is out. You may find that your hair has a lingering smell of peanuts or salad so don't hang around elephants for a few days. Other than that, your hair should be just fine.


Most artist’s paste and glues will wash out with shampoo and warm water. Sometimes the paste or glue will dry in clumps in hair. It is best to use a pick to pick the clumps out first and then try shampoo.

Glue & Super Glue

This is definitely stickier. There are products on the market designed to remove super glue. The best idea is to contact the maker of the super glue and ask what they recommend for removing the glue from hair and skin. Some hardware stores will also have a special glue remover that can be used on hair and skin. Always test a very small part of the area with the remover before going full blast with the removal process. Some removers may be harsh for hair and should be used very carefully.


Most paint on the market today is water based and will wash out with shampoo and warm water. If for some reason the paint does not wash out it is best to call the store where you bought the paint for suggestions. A tiny bit of paint remover can also be carefully deployed. The key is to use only a tiny amount to avoid harming your hair. Always read the bottle of paint remover to be sure it is safe for hair or skin.

Ink, Magic Marker, Crayon & Toner Ink

Most ink will wash out with a few shampoo applications. Some ink may be more difficult to remove. One possible ink blasting solution is to apply a tiny bit of WD40 from the hardware store. Don't apply more than a small amount or you may damage the hair.

WD40 will also remove printer toner ink, crayon and some magic marker stains from hair. Before whipping out the WD 40 always try shampoo and water first. If that fails to remove the stain, experiment with the WD40. Apply a small test amount with cotton balls to determine if it will remove or fade the stain.

Another option is to try undiluted Prell shampoo. Apply the undiluted shampoo directly to the target stain on dry hair. Let the Prell set for a few minutes and then rinse to see if the stain will wash out.

In most cases the various stains will fade over time. If the stain is huge or totally unsightly you may have to consider the scissors as a last resort.

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