Will Someone Tell Me How Fabulous I Look In These Jeans?

Clients are always asking me how I manage to be “on” every day at work, even when I’m feeling blah and despondent. This may get a bit touchy feely (so not my personality) but bear with me. So if I need to get out of a funk I give specific, genuine compliments. That’s my “on” switch. I have found (through very unscientific and undocumented research) that if I say to a guest “that shade of green looks stunning on you” she will generally say a) “thank you” and smile b) “this old thing” and smile c) “too bad it doesn’t make me look slimmer” and smile I dare you to try frowning when someone is smiling at you. So I smile, and my day gets a bit better. Then she tells me a funny story and I laugh. And before I know it, I’m “on”, and my coworkers are a little less afraid of me. So next time you feel blah-y, tell someone you know how fabulous those jeans look on her. a) because she will smile b) then you will smile c) and we all spend so much time searching for the perfect pair of jeans and that persistence and perseverance should at least be rewarded with a compliment!

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