Why we can't always squeeze you in at the last minute.

We all know the drill. It's Thursday night and you've just remembered your Great Aunt Lucy's neighbor's third cousin is getting married Saturday! You meant to book an appointment but then life got in the way and you totally forgot. Time to call the salon and get an appointment for hair and makeup, maybe even nails.

At MaximumFX we understand all too well how frustrating it can be when you call for an appointment the same day and can't get in. Heck, sometimes it's several days or even weeks depending on your stylist and service needs. "Can't they just squeeze me in?" you wonder. We know you don't necessarily see what goes on behind the scenes, so we thought we'd give you peek "behind the curtain"!

Our team arrives to work 10 minutes before their first scheduled appointment for a quick briefing. We call these mini-meetings "huddles". The purpose of our huddles is to allow our team members to review daily goals, communicate strategies and promotions and development their plan of action for the day in general. Then it's time for the fun to begin. Instantly you hear the sounds of laughing, water running, phones ringing and blow dryers whirring! Believe it or not, it takes a lot to orchestrate a typical day in the salon. Our guest care team is busy answering phones, booking appointments and taking care of you and their salon team while our designers are making you look fabulous.

Each stylist averages 30-45 min per service/per client/per day. That's a lot of clients! Here's a peek of our appointment book on a typical day in the salon.

Do you see all that orange? Those are all clients who pre-booked their next appointment before they left the salon on their last visit.  Believe it or not, we have clients who are booked out for the rest of the year! As you can see, that leaves us with very limited availability. In order to accommodate as many clients as possible, we "book tight" leaving little to no room between appointments. Most gaps are only 15 minutes, so you can see how running even 5-10 minutes late can have a dramatic effect on the day and why it doesn't allow us the opportunity to squeeze you in.

So while our Guest Care Coordinators are highly skilled at moving and manipulating books, the truth is there's no benefit for both you and your beloved stylist and/or colorist when trying to squeeze you in.   It forces us to compromise in a bad way. For the investment you're making, we end up rushing you in and out, cutting corners, and most of all stressed out.  That's just not fair to you.   Our front desk and designers will do everything imaginable to get you in without compromising our core value of Service.  They truly are magicians at manipulating our books to make things work.   (As part of their interview, we measure how good they are at playing Tetris, just kidding)

The best option if you don't have a schedule that's as flexible as you'd like is to set up your next appointment with our Guest Care team during your visit to the salon. This guarantees you have your pick of time and day. We would rather be at the mercy of your schedule, instead of the other way around.   We're always happy to help!

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