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Why shouldn't I sleep on my wet hair?

Q:Why shouldn't I sleep on my wet hair?

Hair has an ability few people know about. It's elastic. When dry,  healthy hair can stretch to up to about 1.2 times it's size and still return to normal. Wet hair can actually stretch further, more like 1.5 times. Keep in mind, that's perfectly healthy hair. Check out my coworker Whitney's blog on our deep conditioners and you'll find out way more about how to solve the problem of hair that's unhealthy and either stretches too far or snaps before it stretches.

With all that said, the key thing to take away from this is that wet hair simply stretches more easily. So any stress or tension on it while it's wet tends to damage it. The elastic in your hairband wrapped super tight is a ton of pressure to put on your hair, and the pillow you're sleeping on as well as the tangles you wake up with are just as bad. Moving in your sleep pulls the hair against the pillow and itself, stretching and eventually snapping it. Think of that same hair tie you used to put your hair up before bed. If you stretch it out over and over again, eventually it's going to stop returning to its original shape. The same thing happens with your hair. If you stretch it when it's wet, eventually it's going to lose the elasticity it naturally has, and you'll start seeing breakage.

My clients will tell you I'm not a huge fan of telling people they simply cannot or must do a specific thing. But if you're seeing breakage and can't figure out why, you might want to look at how you treat your hair when it's wet. You may find being a little nicer to it makes a huge difference.

-Ellie Byrom, Stylist MFX Domain

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