In case you are not familiar with, or at least have not subscribed to a blog before, I wanted you to know what this blog is all about and also why people literally across the world subscribe by email to its content. If you are here on this page, one of the following likely applies:

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Either way, this blog is written for you. It’s unique in that we’ve set a goal to have the most educational and informative salon and spa website on the Internet. Although this blog tailors towards natural and holistic beauty rituals, it will certainly have value for anyone looking to be their best self. In order to supply you with this education, the blog consists of the following:
  1. How-to videos on hair care, skin care and body care treatments, as well as new product introductions, etc.
  2. Informative beauty and wellness articles discussing everything from products that are healthy for you to do-it-yourself at-home care rituals.
  3. Reviews and Ratings of various organic beauty products and manufacturers.
  4. Industry news, events, trends, and for the first time, we’ll allow you to peek behind the curtain of Maximum FX Salons Spas and see the buzz of activity we create on a day to day basis.
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Chris Murphy