Why Men Should Know Salons Are NOT For Women Only

Men's ShampooThere seems to be some stigma associated with men attending salons; so I'm here to tell you it is totally acceptable for men to go to a salon to get their hair cut.  Stylists are trained in all aspects of hair including men's cuts, and men deserve the same attention to hair as their counterparts.  In my experience men often have haircutting needs that cannot be met by their current discount haircut providers.   1) Men often need attention to cowlicks and misshapen heads which requires additional time and technique to correct; additionally, men often have scalp concerns and salons are more likely to carry products to help resolve their issues.   2) Their current discount haircut provider have time restrictions that do not allow adequate time to properly examine the hair/scalp; most don't even wash your hair before completing a haircut and your only option is a quick clipper haircut.

As a salon client you will receive an amazing service:  a full consultations where you can discuss hair length, cowlicks, scalp concerns, and/or overall hair concerns; a relaxing shampoo; an expert haircut with the best tool(s) for you (clipper, shears, razor, edgers); and a thorough rinse and style with an appropriate product if necessary.  An advantage to attending a salon is your haircut will be tailored to you and every tool is available to your stylist to make it happen.

Aveda's Men's Hair Care & Skin Care Products:

  1. Pure-Formance Shampoo - cleanses, conditions and moisturizes hair
  2. Pure-Formance Exfoliating Shampoo - deep cleanses hair and exfoliates scalp
  3. Pure-Formance Conditioner - conditions, refreshes and adds shine
  4. Pure-Formance Firm Hold Gel - delivers maximum hold and control
  5. Pure-Formance Grooming Clay - strong hold, matte finish for short to medium hair
  6. Pure-Formance Grooming Cream - good hold, natural shine for short/medium hair
  7. Pure-Formance Pomade - strong hold, high shine for short to medium hair
  8. Pure-Formance Liquid Pomade - moderate hold and shine for medium/longer hair
  9. Pure-Formance Composition - essential oil blend soothes and rejuvenates scalp
  10. Pure-Formance Dual Action Aftershave - 2-in-1 moisturizer and aftershave
  11. Pure-Formance Shave Cream - preps skin for close, comfortable shave
  12. Pure-Formance Aroma Spray - rich, spicy aroma refreshes

Aveda Men's Products (wide)

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