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Why it's important to get your haircut within 4-8 weeks

By: Molly Casso - Cut Specialist, South Congress

Hair grows about 1/2 an inch per month, 6 inches in a year. If you are trying to maintain a pixie cut or bob, 4 weeks is the time frame that we suggest to have you return within.  The 1/2 inch doesn't seem like much but it can completely change the shape to a nicely shaped stacked bob or a precise sassy pixie cut.  Four weeks is also recommended to men that like fades.  Half an inch of growth will cause it to no longer look like a fresh haircut and can affect the overall shape.

Six weeks is typically recommended to clients who are trying to maintain the style of a haircut.

Eight weeks is recommended to clients who are trying to grow their hair.  Eight weeks doesn't seem like a long time, but by then your hair is in need of a cut even if you just need to trim the ends to keep it healthy.

Any longer than 8 weeks and your hair can begin to get dry enough on the ends to start splitting and/or breaking off.  So if your goal is length, then you have to maintain what you currently have by trimming it regularly.  12 weeks is the absolute longest we ever recommend for even the healthiest of hair.

Maintaining a regular haircut schedule is vital to the health of your hair regardless of the style you want.  We all know that life happens and sometimes a haircut can simply slip our minds or fall to the bottom of our list of priorities.  But when this happens, we find ourselves having to allow our stylist to cut off more length than we originally wanted due to the integrity of our hair being compromised, because we waited too long in between haircuts.  

We offer all of our salon clients the ability to pre-book their next appointment which can help to stay in a routine.  We also provide our clients with a call, email and/or texts when their next appointment is approaching to remind them of an upcoming appointment.  

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