Why do we love Aveda Color?

Box or from Scratch?Think about a dessert you love. For example, cake! You can buy it pre-made at your local grocery store, buy a box of cake mix, or you can make one from scratch. Even if you don't bake--which would you prefer to eat? My guess is the majority of people would go with the home-made, full of love option.

Now-what about your hair color? We as stylists obviously all know that "box color" is a big no-no for many reasons, such as unpredictable results, long shelf life, and the metalic dyes that are added to it. So let's take the option of box color completely off of the table.

As far as professional color goes, there is a wide-variety of awesome color lines available. Most of them are pre-mixed and pre-set colors that are mixed with a peroxide solution/developer. They can be mixed with one another to create somewhat of a customized look.

Aveda ColorSo what is so special about Aveda color, and what makes it so different from the rest? Let's go back to the analogy about a cake made from scratch. As a colorist who has always been passionate about color since day 1 of hair school, I fell even more in love with the Aveda color after I began working with MFX because it is 100% customizable to fit your personal needs and achieve your desired look as a client. I feel like a true artist when using it because no colors are pre-mixed--I am able to create a completely unique formula and get creative with it. For example, if you want red hair, there are tons of different possible customizations, whether you want that rockin' "Rihanna red", or a subtle hint of auburn.

Aveda color is also fade-resistant, up to 99% naturally derived from plants, oils, and non-petroleum minerals and also adds shine to your hair.

Take my word for it, you won't be disappointed!!

-Brittany Bass
MFX color specialist
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