Why do I always get those red bumps after waxing?

By: Tess Rodriguez, Best Of Austin Chronicle Esthetician - 2010

waxing, austin, aveda, maximum fx spa, maximum fx salon, skin, skin careWe all enjoy the smooth benefits of waxing rather than the feeling of stubble after shaving. There are plenty of benefits to waxing, but there also comes the downside to it as well. Sometimes we can experience red bumps, or small pimples after a wax. This typically happens after your first bikini wax because your skin is trying to recover from the shock of hair being pulled out. Here are a few things to remember and consider after getting your bikini or other areas waxed…

Exfoliate: Lightly exfoliate area before waxing, even if it’s just a soft wash cloth. This helps rid the follicle of dry skin and oil. Aveda’s Outer Peace Acne Relief Pads are also an excellent choice to use daily to help control the red bumps or pimples. The Salicylic Acid helps to gently exfoliate the skin without over drying.

Loose clothing: Tight clothing or panty line may irritate the already sensitive area and cause the skin to break out.

Applying a topical medicine like hydrocortizone cream to the irritated area can also help soothe the skin.

Stay out of the sun and avoid rigorous exercise, like running, for 24 hours.

Tend Skin Product: Be sure to ask for a product sample of Tend Skin the next time you visit the spa.  Tend Skin is formulated to help with skin irritation caused by waxing and shaving and is used by applying the product on the skin. Clients who use this product either after shaving or after waxing swear by it.

Waxing does get easier with each appointment and staying consistent with your appointments, every 4 weeks is the recommended time between each appointment.

Cheers to smooth skin!

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