Who is your most experienced stylist? Plus more answers to often asked questions.

At MFX, we see a lot of people in a day, and we also happen to get a lot of questions from you.  Over time, we noticed that some of the questions that we get asked are more frequent than others.  Funny how that happens?   So, we decided to put together a quick blog that answers are top five most often asked questions by you.   We hope that our most-frequented clients get answers to some things they’ve been dying to ask, while our newest clients find out even more about our salon.

 “Who is your most experienced stylist?”

We do have some stylists that have been in the game a little longer than others –whether they’ve been with MFX or elsewhere. But, all of our stylists must complete the same intensive training procedures and prove their skills before hitting the salon floor, so rest assured that even if your stylist is one of the new kids on the block, we believe in their skills and want you to know you can trust their abilities. Sometimes, our newbies are better at certain skills than our more experienced team members; everyone has their own specific skill set! So if you’re ever unsure about whom to book a certain appointment with, feel free to ask any of our Guest Care Coordinators. They know the stylist’s skills like the back of their hand, and can get you with the one that’s best for you.   Some of our most experienced team members include Erica (Color), Jake (Cutting), Cassie (Color) at our Circle C Ranch location, and Javier (Cutting), Melinda (Cutting), Kendra (Cutting), Jessica (Color), Erinn (Color) at our South Congress location.

“Can I just walk in/Can’t you just squeeze me in?”

Sometimes, you might get lucky with a walk-in, but more likely, we’ll need to schedule an appointment for you at a later date and time. We schedule our appointments with our client’s needs in mind. Allowing a certain amount of time ensures that all of our clients receive 5-star treatment (see also: What To Expect When Visiting MFX). Just squeezing you in could prevent another client from receiving a part of their experience. Remember the golden rule? We try to implement it here… after all, you wouldn’t want to miss out on your hand massage, would you? We promise, scheduling an appointment will be SO worth it!

“Can I book a cut and color with the same stylist?”

As a specialized salon (see Salon Specialization: What's In It For You for more on this topic), we ask that all clients receive their cut and color from a stylist specializing in the respective area. In booking appointments this way, the benefits YOU receive are endless: services from team members who only focus on their strength in either cut and color, more flexibility with scheduling, time with TWO of your favorite MFX stylists, just to name a few.

“Why can’t I do the consultation and color in the same day?”

For all of our new color clients, we require a color consultation before booking your color service.    We take our color work seriously, and we know that you are investing a lot of money for your professional hair color.  The reason we require a consultation for first time color appointments is so that our color experts will know how much time to set aside based on your hair length, density, condition of your hair, and desired color results.   The last thing we want to do is schedule your first visit over the phone and then realize that we didn't schedule enough time  based on your needs and then have to reschedule.  With the coloring technique called HeadMapping,  our color appointments are specially designed for the specific kind of color you’re receiving, as well as the condition and style of your hair. For example, a 1/3 panel of highlights takes less time than a 1/2 panel AB, so your processing time will need to match up with available time for a finish… Sound confusing? Don’t worry; we explain it all in the consultation.    On rare occasion, we are able to reserve a color appointment when time is available on our books immediately after your consultation.  We are able to do this only after you've come in for your color consultation.   Unfortunately, however, we are unable to hold a block of time immediately after your consultation when you call in over the phone.  Again, we will not know how much time to hold until your color expert has a chance to consult with you.

For the last question, we bet you’ve definitely wondered this before… but we would also bet that you probably haven’t asked us! Don’t worry, we can read your mind (and got a little help from the brave clients who did bring it up) and want you to still know the answer.

“Will you get mad if I see someone else? (i.e. too booked, too expensive, etc.)

In a nutshell: we would NEVER be mad at you, and certainly wouldn’t want you not to return because you thought we would be! While we appreciate all of our clients and the one-on-one relationships that come with regular appointments, we do understand that life happens and sometimes you may need to see another stylist. If the issue is price, let us know; your stylist can refer you to some else in the salon at a different price range who they could not only vouch for, but also coach before and during your first (second, or third) haircut with them. Like your bangs cut a certain way? Have your seasoned stylist show your new stylist. This is definitely something you wouldn’t get by going somewhere else. But, if the situation arises and you do see someone else, we will always look forward to seeing you the next time around.  We are what we call at team-based business.  All of our team members are paid on a salary compensation and they are paid very well.   We don't pay commission so there is no internal competition between team members.    Would you believe it if I told you that we have many clients who see four or five different team members on various visits to the salon?  It's different, and it's so much better that way.

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