What to expect when you're expecting a Maximum FX haircut.

Team is the name of the game here at Maximum FX. Here you are served by an entire team which allows us to give each and every guest what we call "an elevated salon experience". As you walk in the front doors of Maximum FX salon, you are greeted with a smile and checked-in by a Guest Care team member. Our Guest Care Coordinator will then help you choose your complimentary “Stress-Relieving Treatment” which you will receive as part of your service. For each hair cut or color at the salon, you will get to select the treatment that best suits your needs on that particular visit. These treatments usually include an eye treatment, aroma therapy or a deep conditioner. Next, you will be greeted by your stylist, who in the next forty-five minutes will provide you with the Maximum FX haircut experience.

salon, austin, aveda, maximum fx, spaFirst, your stylist will show you to your seat, where they will conduct a full consultation to ensure that both of you are in agreement on the expectations of your service. During this consultation, your hair stylist will ask key questions, such as how you style your hair on a daily basis, and they will address any hair concerns you may have. They will offer their expertise in order to provide you with the most flattering and maintainable haircut and style. The consultation is important to ensure that you receive your desired results.

The consultation is followed by a relaxing scalp massage using Aveda’s Blue Oil Balancing Concentrate. This stress-relieving oil will calm your body and mind, condition and relax the scalp, and dissolve tension and ease tired muscles – it even helps to relieve headaches! Next, your stylist will guide you to the shampoo bowl to begin your shampoo, which is also intended to be relaxing and comforting, and includes even more scalp massage.

Back at the chair and prior to beginning your haircut, a salon team member will stop by and offer you some Aveda Comforting Tea or water. Aveda’s 100% certified organic Comforting Tea is naturally flavored with licorice root and peppermint to calm the senses. Once your cut is complete, your stylist will thoroughly explain which Aveda products they will choose to help achieve your style, and why these products are optimal for usage. The goal of this product education and demonstration is to help you easily recreate the look at home.

Your stylist will then blow-dry your hair, providing instruction on how to perform the blow-out at home with similar tools. During your blow-out, you will receive a complimentary hand massage from another team member using Aveda Hand Relief. One of Aveda’s best sellers, Hand Relief is intensely moisturizing, and works to diminish signs of aging and improve skin elasticity. Finally, one of our Guest Care Coordinators will offer to “pre-book” your next appointment at the chair. Not only is this convenient for you, but it will also expedite your check-out process. With chairside booking, your stylist can help you decide how long to wait between visits to help keep you on a regular hair maintenance schedule and always looking your best.

After your blow-out is complete, your stylist will personalize your haircut and once again consult with you about the final look to ensure that you are happy with the haircut and style. Your stylist will then escort you to the front to help select any products you may need before checking out.

This will conclude your Maximum FX haircut experience. In the past forty-five minutes, you will have received a scalp massage, hand massage and stress-relieving treatment. A spa experience all on its own! But, you will have also gotten to consult with your hair stylist on the best style for you, and learn how to recreate your style at home. And let’s not forget – your gorgeous new cut and style! It’s amazing what can be done in such a small amount of time, but after your Maximum FX haircut, you will be feeling relaxed and looking fab for the rest of your day!

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