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What is that triangle shaped thing on the end of my stylists blow dyer?

  Q: Why does my stylist use that little triangle shaped thing on the end of their blowdryer?

That little triangle thing is called a concentrator. If you're like most people, it came with your blow dryer and you threw it away with the packaging. That little piece of plastic can make a huge difference in your blow dry, however.

Basically a concentrator's job is to align the flow of air in one direction. It creates a little stream of air that you can put exactly where you need it. You'll notice that when we blow dry your hair, the blow dryer and concentrator are pointing down your hair, from roots to ends. That makes all the little cuticles of your hair lay down exactly the way we want them to. It makes your hair shinier, healthier, and keeps fly aways to a minimum. It also means not ruffling any of your other hair while you're working on one particular section. The air simply stays in one place.

Your concentrator also serves one other important purpose. The heat of a blow dryer comes from a coil, like a stove, at the end of the nozzle. Without anything to separate your hair form the coil, the heat is far too close to your hair. That means more damage, sometimes burning, and can even damage your blow dryer in addition to your hair. The concentrator adds a bit of distance, keeping your hair and your blow dryer much safer.

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-Ellie Byrom 

Stylist at The Domain

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