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What is Balayage? Is it the right color service for me? Oh, and how the heck do you pronounce it?!

By:  Lauren Quarles, Color Specialist, South Congress location

Balayage is a highlighting technique where the color, usually bleach or a high-lift blonding color, is painted onto the hair.  The main purpose of the technique is to create a more natural rooty look that is easier to grow out and maintain. However, depending on the desired look balayage can range from extremely subtle and natural to an all over blonding service.

Most people come into the salon wanting balayage because it’s the newest trend or because they have heard it’s very low maintenance. However it’s not always for everyone, here are a few things every balayage will have in common that you need to consider before getting the service. 

  • Balayage will always be a darker color at your roots transitioning into a lighter color on the ends. 

  • The technique looks best when the hair is styled with a curling iron or wand. However can also look nice with natural curls or straight hair but you will not achieve the same look as most of the pictures you will find of balayaged hair.

  • The cost of this service is more expensive than most other coloring services. Balayage services at MFX Salon range from $145-$350. However, this look usually doesn’t need to be touched up as often as traditional highlights. 

  • This service lightens most of the ends of your hair (this process can be damaging or drying) therefore a haircut is usually recommended afterwards as well as a deep conditioning treatment.

(bah-lee-ah-zh) Bali.. as in the country Ah.. as in “Ahhh that was so nice!” ZH.. as in… that one actually is just exactly how it sounds!

If you have any other questions concerning balayage or color please feel free to call the salon at (512)472-3331 and ask for a consultation with Lauren Quarles at the South Congress location!


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