What is a "toner" and why do I need one?

Written by:  Erica Colon

WHAT IS TONER?  Hair color used to enhance or neutralize colors exposed when lightening the hair.

imagesWhen a colorist uses Enlightener (Aveda's hair decolorizer), they are either breaking through old hair color or taking the hair lighter than they would be able to using any other product. This usually results in decolorized hair ranging in tones from orange to pale yellow. That's where toners come in. They are usually applied at the shampoo bowl and sit on the hair for 2-15 minutes. The toner takes those yellow and orange tones and turns them into the shade of color you actually want to see. The charge for toners varies on the amount of product a colorist needs to use to cover all the decolorized hair.

WHY DO I NEED A TONER?  Refer to the section in the above paragraph about yellow and orange tones!


And as always use a color safe shampoo and conditioner to keep that toner on tone.

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