What eye shadow color is right for you?

As an Aveda make-up artist, the most common situation that I encounter is my guests not knowing what to do with their eyes. I hear things such as "Well I'm not sure what color to pick," or "I just put on eye-liner and mascara". In one regard I'm sad to hear that so many ladies are stuck, but I'm also happy to inform them of how easy it actually is to use eye shadow. In regard to picking the color of eye shadow, we'll go back to basic color theory--knowing your complimentary colors. It's as simple as that. The Primary Colors are red, yellow, and blue. Secondary colors are orange, green and violet. Orange compliments blue, green compliments red, and violet compliments yellow. First you must determine whether your eye color is cool, warm, or neutral. Blue and green eyes would be considered cool, and brown/hazel/black are warm, but can also be a "neutral" eye, which in the makeup world means there are more options for color. Blue eyes are considered cool. Blue is the only cool primary color. Warm tones compliment blue, so when choosing eyeshadow for blue eyes selecting a copper, bronze, tawny or pastel color will make the iris pop. If you have blue eyes, be careful not to flood the eye lid with too much color. The eye color may drown with too much pigment.                                    

Aveda's Earth Rose looks great with blue eyes. Green Eyes Green eyes can be a little tricky because sometimes they are cool or warm. To determine if your green eyes lean more warm or cool, just look to see if you have any alternate colored flecks within your green, i.e. gold flecks (warm) or blue flecks (cool) and then follow the color rules.                                     

Aveda's Twilight works well with green as well as hazel eyes. Hazel, brown, and black eyes are what I like to call the wild card. These eye colors can go with either cool or warm tones for the most part because they are more neutral. Some of my favorite colors for brown eyes are plums, rosey pinks, and bronzes. If you do have hazel, brown, or black eyes and you are having challenges selecting your shadow color, refer to any existing color flecks in the eye, hair color, or skin tone. 

Aveda's Copper Haze is beautiful on brown, black and hazel eyes.  You can also try it on blue eyes! I hope this sheds a little bit more light on how to dress up the eyes using eye shadow.    

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