Water - The Ultimate Elixir

By: Anastacia Cantu

We often underestimate the importance of water in our daily routines; More than 75% of Americans have mild chronic dehydration. Between running errands, meeting deadlines, and dropping off and picking the children up, it’s easy to forget about taking out those few seconds, every hour, to have a refreshing drink of water. However, in taking those brief moments, you could be having less complications with math, preventing most headaches and migraines, and daytime fatigue. Lack of adequate water consumption can also be evident in fuzzy short term memory, trouble reading small fine print, dry, flaky skin, fine lines and dark circles. On the other hand, when consumed water can help regulate your metabolism, reduce wrinkling, and is one of the best natural detox agents; by aiding in flushing fats, toxins and any unwanted substances from the body.

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