Wanna save some money?

By Erica Colon, Director Of Color Education

men aveda salon austin texas maximum fx We just had our monthly team meetings at both salons this week and one of the topics we covered was ways our clients can save money.  As we began to list off all of our promotions, memberships, apps, etc., we quickly realized that one could get confused easily.   So, we did the work for you and put together this quick and easy list of all the ways you can save money when you visit Maximum FX. Check it out! And make sure you're taking advantage of them all!


1. MFX Preferred Membership - ($200.00 covers you for a whole year)

  • -5% off all services
  • -one free shampoo/blowdry a month
  • -free make-up applications whenever you want

Come in, pick up a membership form, fill it out, and hand it to the person who keeps nagging you about what you want this holiday season!

2. Buy a series - If you know you are an every two week spa pedicure kinda person, this is for you. You just buy 5 of them up front and you get the sixth pedicure free.

3. Frequent Waxing Program - After 5 waxing appointments, your sixth waxing appointment is free.

4. Our new Rewardy App - Go to Rewardy and download the MFX app onto your smartphone. This creates a virtual punchcard that can be stored on your phone. Then, every time you spend $20.00 on products we “punch” your card. Get ten “punches” and we give you $20.00 to spend on any product you want. Available for iPhones, Android, and Blackberry!

5. Pure Privilege points - If you love Aveda products, make sure you have a Pure Privilege membership. For every dollar you spend on Aveda products, you earn ten points. This is not like getting ten thousand tickets at skee ball and turning them in for an eraser shaped like a butterfly. You can redeem your points for salon gift certificates, candles, spa vacations, etc…

6. Subscribe to "Flash Deals"  - Once every one to two weeks, we send a flash deal that's good for a week.   These flash deals can be discounts on services and/or products.   The only way to get in on the flash deal action is to sign up for these emails.   Join the club!  There's over two hundred subscribed to flash deals, and the club continues to grow!

And if that was not enough, always feel free to ask your stylist about any new promotions.

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