Two Aveda Solutions For Dry And Brittle Hair

By:  Whitney LaBrecque

The two most common culprits to most hair woes are either a lack of moisture or a lack of protein. Is your hair dry and brittle? Are you suffering from hair breakage? Is your hair limp and uncooperative? Here is a quick guide to figuring out how to get your hair on its best behavior.

Try doing a strand test. This will help you decipher whether your hair is lacking moisture or if it needs more protein. Take a strand of wet hair, and slowly start to stretch it.


  • If the hair stretches slightly and returns to its original length without breaking, you're moisture and protein are balanced.
  • If the hair continues to stretch or stretches a little more than it should and breaks, then look into adding more protein in your regimen. AVEDA's Botanical Therapy Damage Remedy conditioning treatment is the quickest and most proficient way of putting protein back into the hair. It is an in-salon only service thats last between 4-6 weeks depending on how often you shampoo.
  • If the hair has very little to no stretch to it and instantly breaks(snaps), then you need more moisture in your in your daily hair routine. The Botanical Therapy Dry Remedy treatment does wonders for dry hair, as does the Dry Remedy Moisture Masque.


The best way to get your hair looking it's best is to nurture it from the inside out. Healthy eating habits, vitamins and the right products for your hair type will all aid in helping you achieve your ideal look.

If you're interested in receiving either of these two professional-only services, you can for $20 per treatment.   Treatment lasts four to six weeks.  Ask for the Damage Remedy Moisture Treatment or Damage Remedy Protein Treatment when scheduling your next service.  Treatment only takes five to ten minutes and can be performed by itself, or added to a haircut or color service.

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