Touched: A Sensory Experience

By:  Linda Weisman

The sense of touch is just one of our five senses and arguably the most personal. We come in contact with each other on a daily basis in many different ways and for many different reasons. Touch can be relaxing, therapeutic, reassuring, comforting, healing and energizing; the stylists in our salon use touch in a variety of positive ways on a daily basis. Just think without the sense of touch we would not be able to feel a reassuring pat on the back, a therapeutic relaxing massage or a comforting hug!

hand3At Maximum FX a sensory experience is a part of every service and mostly involves the sense of touch! Our clients all receive a head and neck massage before their haircut service begins, and everyone receives a hand massage during their blow-dry service. Clients love both experiences, but most testimonials reference their amazing hand massage! That may be because the simple act of a hand massage can be healing and uplifting -- it can lift your mood and relax you, it can even give the immune system a boost -- and all this through the sense of touch.

Touch is essential to our survival and provides us with an “uplifting feel good” frame of mind. So the next time a person extends a welcoming hand to you, puts a reassuring hand on your shoulder, or hugs you, don’t shy away!  Accept the offer of a pat or hug and think about how it makes you feel; you’ll be amazed how improved it makes you feel afterwards. HUGS!

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