Too Scared To Change Your Hair Color?

We all have that friend that is fearless when it comes to their hair. One season they have waist length blonde mermaid waves and the next time you see them, it’s a brunette ultra chic bob. Ever wish you could be that daring with your hair? Great news, you can!!!

Our stylists are highly skilled in knowing what will and won’t work for you. Perhaps you love that “Rihanna Red” look but aren’t really sure if you can pull it off. Our color experts are here to match your skin tone, eye color and assess your risk taking quotient. The expert cutting team will let you know if you have the perfect face shape for that pixie cut you’ve been dying to try or if a long bob would be the most flattering. The team here at MaximumFX will consult with you to offer what color and cut will compliment you the best. Who knows, instead of that “Rihanna Red” you were thinking about, you’re inner vixen may be brought out best by a Marcia Cross siren red.

So next time you’re thinking of a change, don’t be scared. Our team loves a challenge and change is good. Take it from a former blonde…who took a walk on the dark side.


Your turn: What is the biggest road block keeping you from making the change? Share you thoughts by leaving a comment below. We want to know!

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