To Bang......Or Not To Bang? The secrets to having beautiful fringe.


Candy Guerra - Cutting Specialist, Circle C Ranch

As a stylist one of the most commonly asked questions I receive is, "Should I get bangs?"  You would think there was an easy answer, but that is simply not the case.  There are several things to consider when deciding to bang. The three most important in my opinion are:

  1. Maintenance – bangs are high maintenance
  2. Life style – how will bangs effect everyday activities
  3. Face shape – what bang style will be most flattering

Bangs are a commitment and require styling every day—there are no short cuts.  If bangs are new and have not been a part of your style in a while, they will initially require more attention to train them.  Also, many of us have cowlicks near our front hairline that will affect the bang, so additional styling time will be required to fight that cowlick and achieve your desired look.  So if you are comfortable with a high maintenance style, then you may be ready to bang.*

Other factors to consider are based on your personal life style and your everyday activities.  For instance, do you care for a baby or child that requires you to be bent over quite a bit?  If the answer is yes, are you comfortable with your bangs being in your face or will you be frustrated with them and end up pinning them back most of the time.  Do you work out?  You may or may not be pinning your bangs back for this activity, but if you do not wash your hair daily, you will have to wet down your bangs to restyle.  Are you so busy that you cannot come in for regular bang trims?  Bangs need to be trimmed regularly and will need to be cut inbetween full haircut appointments to maintain your look.  So if your life style is compatible, you may be ready to bang.

Now that you have decided you are committed to your bangs and they will work with your life style, what bang style will be the most flattering?  Keep in mind an oval shaped face is the ideal face shape and hairstyles should be tailored to create the illusion of an oval shape—bangs can aid in creating that illusion.

  • Heart Shaped - With a heart shaped face you are attempting to decrease the width of the forehead so a longer wispier bang will give the appearance of a slimmer forehead.

Heart Shaped - Wispy Bang

  • Oval Shaped – Oval shaped faces can virtually wear any bang style, but a full blunt bang is best achieved on an oval shape.

Oval Shape - Blunt Bangs


  • Square Shaped - Square shaped faces need to be softened or rounded out, so a fuller bang with a side-part will soften the edges/corners near the temples.

Square Shape - Parted Bang

  • Round Shape – Round shaped faces need to create the illusion of length to the face, so long side-swept bangs will draw attention downwards and elongate the face.

Round Shape - Side Swept Bang


By no means are you limited to these four styles, they are meant to be guidelines and you and your stylist can personalize a look that suits you best.

So now that you know a little more about bangs, don’t forget to have fun!  One of the greatest things about hair is that it grows and nothing is forever.  So the worst thing that can happen is you choose a bang style you don’t like—well no problem, just grow them out.  The best thing that can happen is you try a bang style and you fall in love with your new look.  The question now is will you bang or not bang?

*Quick Styling Tips For Fringe:

  • Don’t forget to use product in your bangs—just don’t over do it, I usually suggest adding products to rest of hair first and them distributing to the bang area
  • Begin styling bangs when they are wet, allowing them to dry even a little bit will make it harder to achieve your desired look
  • Flat irons on bangs should be used on dry hair only, flat ironing wet bangs will get you a sleek and straight look but it will also severely damage your hair and cause breakage
  • Most short- to medium-length bang looks can be achieved by styling from wet to dry with a blow dryer and a styling brush; brush the bangs back and forth across the forehead while aiming the blow dryer down towards the bangs; to add additional volume brush the bangs backwards as well as back and forth until completely dry
  • To achieve that full blunt bang look use a small or medium round brush to add a slight bend to the hair, avoid curling the bangs completely under
  • To achieve that voluminous long side-swept bang look use a medium or large round brush and round brush straight up off the hairline and back, not forwards
  • Hairspray is your best friend—once the bang is styled use hairspray to ensure the style holds (I recommend extra hold hairspray when first training bangs)
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