The truth about MFX's owners

I’ve been writing blogs for Maximum FX Salons Spas since July 2010. I spend a lot of time talking about hair, skincare, and fashion. Overall, our blog works to tell you more about the salon, our values and team members, while also helping you to navigate the beauty world.

But what the blog and I have failed to do is tell you more about the two men who make it all possible: Chris Murphy and Javier Herrera.

First, I think I should warn you: if you’re looking for juicy gossip or drama, you won’t find it here. Sorry. Second, I think you should also know that I am no longer an active employee of MFX (though it still feels like it most of the time, as you can probably tell since I can’t seem to shake that “we” mentality). Previously, I worked as Guest Care Coordinator at the Circle C location, but left on excellent terms to pursue other areas of my “career” (if I’m even able to call it that yet!). I’m still fortunate enough to contribute to the blog though. This is important for you to know, because you can take what I’m about to say for exactly what it is: honest and without strings.

And the truth is that I have never met two people who are more perfect to own and operate a business together. Professionally speaking, they make a great team; where one may have weakness, the other has strength. Chris spends a lot of his time with Guest Care and Management focusing on client care, marketing and business coordination. Javier spends much of his time with the stylist team, helping them to harness and improve their skills in order to ensure that they are not only providing excellent services, but also a comfortable and enjoyable client experience.

Chris is infectious. His energy and passion for the salon, its clients and his team is literally contagious. I dare you to try to be in a bad mood when he’s around. It won’t work. He’s always got ideas and ways of how to elevate the salon and its team to the next level, and he provides the encouragement it takes to get there.

Javier is hilarious. A little shy, but once he gets you laughing, you won’t stop. More than funny, he’s talented. He really knows what he’s talking about. And he’s not one to keep a secret to himself – he shares all of his tips with his team members, making each stylist the best they can be, professionally and individually.

Next time you’re in the salon, see for yourself. See Chris as he interacts with other clients. Watch when Javier provides support for the stylists. It won’t take you long to understand how the culture of MFX is a direct result of their efforts and passion. And you’ll understand that even though they might not get the recognition and blog-space that they deserve, we wouldn’t get very far without them!

Chris, left, and Javier, right (with our beautiful Aveda rep. Dina in the center) all decked out at our Oscars Themed holiday party.

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