The Perfect Date for your Hair Color

Aveda Color Conserve ShampooProducts We Love

Why do we love you Aveda? Well, we love you for your natural based color line, that makes our hair look beautiful without all the nasty chemicals. Our product of the week focuses on keeping our lovely Aveda color bright and vibrant for longer. The Aveda Color Conserve Shampoo is made with a gentle babassu cleansing formula to help the color resist fading. Love that bright red or rich copper? Make sure not leave the salon without the Color Conserve in hand, Red hair fades fast but you can slow that down with the right hair care products. It also works for you throughout the day with its wintergreen and cinnamon bark sun filters, protecting you while your having fun in the sun. Protect your investment with the Color Conserve Shampoo, stop by your nearest MFX location and to pick one up or to get a sample today!

8oz $18 -- Liter $53

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