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The Making Of A Maximum FX Colorist

Our color team is fantastic ( I may be a bit biased considering I direct our color education)! But seriously, if you took a look at our busy colorists' schedules you would understand that they know their craft and hone it daily. During the holiday season we were asked the question, " Why don't you hire more colorists to keep up with demand?" Well, prepare to be enlightened...

The Interviews

We have a lengthy interview process. We start with a question and answer email. Followed by a phone interview. Next we do two working interviews to see how a potential colorist jives with our salon team culture. Then they meet with me so I can explain the expectations we have for their apprenticeship. Lastly they meet with the salon owner.

We love that our guests feel at ease in our salon. Many comment on how well everyone gets along. We pride ourselves on the "culture of teamwork" that we have created and we are fiercely protective of it. That is why we hire slow.

The Apprenticeship

Here's what the next 8 months looks like....Shampoo training ( yes we train on shampooing because we know that for most people it's their favorite part of the service) Blow dry training. Color theory: the art and science of color and how to customize color for each guest. Color application: all over color, foil work, balayage, ombre, color melting, grey coverage, creative color placement, corrective color, etc.
And all of the above is done with me looking over their shoulder. I require perfect partings, clean applications, and foil work that looks like sculpture.

The Result

You, dear guest, get a confident and competent colorist with the skills and confidence to tackle whichever hair color caught your eye on Pinterest last week. Our team gets another member that adds to the community of creativity, excellence, and service we strive to foster.

Erica Colon

MFX Color Educator

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