The Faces Of Maximum FX - David

Behind every successful company is a team of amazing people!  Ever meet someone that just makes you laugh just because?  Well, that's David: full of energy, a witty sense of humor, passionate about his work, and always looking for the positive in things.   David has been with Maximum FX for more than three years and contributes to the teams as our lead Makeup Artist and Aveda Product Specialist.   One of the few that we've come across, David is also a native Austinite.   He spends much of his time at our Circle C Ranch location, but recently has found himself spreading his talents over to our South Congress location as well.   We asked David a few questions so you could get to know him, and here's what he had to say:

1)  Why did you choose to join this industry?

This industry is always changing in fashion and style.  It's never dull or boring.

2)  What is your favorite part of your job?

Creating transformations.   Enhancing people's natural beauty.

3)  What do you like to do for fun outside of work?

Rock climbing!  I've been climbing for less than a year, but in it for the long haul!!

4)  What motivates you?

Ummmm........morning breakfast?  Your day starts now..............

5)  Who is your favorite celebrity and why?

Britney Spears - because she's made a great comeback!

6)  What attracted you to Maximum FX?

Location / Continued Education / Aveda

7)  What advice would you give someone who’s thinking about making a career in the salon/spa industry?

Be proud of your products!  Learn everything there is to know about  your products and have confidence in them and what they can do.    Ever have a client say, "I can't style my hair like you do?"  Chances are, there's some product in there that's not being used correctly, or worse, the client is using the wrong product.   Educating your clients on product knowledge and how to properly use product will help you become successful in this industry.

8) What is your favorite Aveda product and why?

Mens Grooming Creme - it enhances natural wave in hair without all the sticky mess.

9) Who has had the greatest influence on your career and why?

Oprah - many years of helping the world, donating millions of dollars and time, she's made a big impact on the world.

10)  Share one thing interesting about yourself that people typically don’t know about you.

Whenever I have a bad day, I dance.  Dancing makes me feel better.   (We're not surprised to learn this.)

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