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Teaching the Next Generation

Maximum FX runs off of 10 core values, and one of those values is education. Every two months we have been hosting classes for future salon professionals to gain skills they can use while they are still in school and further into their careers.

This past weekend I had the privilege to be able to host students from three local cosmetology schools, and teach them basic makeup application skills.

In this class, the students got hands on and practical teaching about proper makeup application from eyes and foundation, contouring, eyebrows, lips, and more. We also covered sanitary practices for makeup artists, color selection and more!

Students were encouraged to practice formulating correct foundation colors for their fellow classmates and learning how to recognize undertones in everyone's skin.They also learned about using different brands to achieve your desired look, as well as my two favorite tag lines, "work smart not hard", and "use what you've got".

I had such a wonderful time talking to the attendees and getting to experience their passion for learning. It inspired me to always remember this value and cherish any opportunity I get to learn from my peers and other stylists. You are never done learning!

So if you are a cosmetology student and have a hunger for learning, stay tuned to the MFX Facebook account to know when classes will be held so you can sharpen your skills before you graduate.

Also a huge thank you to all of the students who attended, I can't wait till our next class together!


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