Summer-proof your hair with Aveda

If you don't want your hair to look like this this summer, follow these tips!

Sunglasses? Check. SPF? Check. New swim suit? Check. You have everything you need to start your summer… You’ve gotten new shades, a suit and even a new beach bag to look good poolside. You’ve probably even been hitting the gym a little extra too.

But what about your hair? It needs some summer lovin’ too!

Summer’s hot temperatures can cause your hair to lose moisture FAST- making it unmanageable, dry and cause split ends. Chlorine and salt contents damage the hair cuticle even further, and can even change the color and texture of your hair over time and extended exposure. To prevent your hair from summer’s harmful effects follow these three simple tips and tricks, and show off your silky, shiny hair on the beach all summer!

  • Just like you apply sun screen to your body, apply to your hair as well. Use just a dime size for short, nickel for long, and distribute evenly to protect your strands.
  • Remember that CONDITONER IS YOUR FRIEND! Use your favorite Aveda conditioner all summer long, or upgrade to a more moisture-rich kind, such as Dry-Remedy™ Moisturizing shampoo. Not only does it instantly improve the condition of your hair, but its patent-pending deep moisture complex penetrates hair for long-lasting and intensive results. Apply as usual, but also apply before you hit the pool for an added barrier against toxins. Also, try Damage Remedy™ Daily Hair Repair leave-in conditioner for everyday, all day protection.
  • Once a week, use a detoxifying hair cleanser to remove chlorine, salt and product build-up. Try Aveda’s Sun Care Hair and Body Cleanser- it’s color safe and works to remove toxins and restore moisture balance. (Also, don’t forget Aveda’s Sun Care After Sun Hair Masque and Sun Care Protective Hair Veil can also be used during and after sun, chlorine and salt exposure to restore hair health!)
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