Store-bought box color vs. Aveda color

Typically people color at home to try and save time and money. I have seen many people come in to fix at-home color. Normally their hair is too dark or too brassy. Nine times out of ten this becomes a corrective color service that takes extra time and money. One thing I have noticed is that box color comes out very opaque. It leaves hair feeling dry and lacking shine and dimension. I’ve heard people say that they use organic hair color from the store. What they don’t realize is that there are aggressive chemicals in the color to help the product have a shelf life. This will still damage your hair and dry it out.

In my professional opinion, Aveda’s hair color is by far superior to other professional color lines. It is gentler on your hair and the environment. I love that you can customize Aveda’s hair color for every guest. No two heads are the same. So why would you want to put the same color on your hair as the lady next to you?

Please visit us and let us give you a complimentary color consultation complete with a no-committment price quotation to avoid any at-home hair disasters.

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