Spring beauty trends: How to wear them in the office, and at night

A high, neat chignon with bright, green eyes are two spring beauty trends. 

One thing’s for sure- 2011 spring beauty trends are bold, bolder and boldest. Whether its bright lips and eyes, a sky high chignon or bold hair clips, these looks demand attention… which sometimes isn’t such a great thing in the workplace. Use these tips to get these spring looks at the office, but also to keep them fun and vibrant for night- after all, isn’t that what spring is all about?!

Spring Beauty Trend: Bright Eyes

For the office: Choose a bright color that yells, but doesn’t scream. Green, lavender and or turquoise do just the trick. Apply them as you would for any other shadow color: from the base, up to the crease and slightly beyond. Check out Petal Essence Eye Color Duo in either Guild Gold/Antique, Green Mist/Seaglass or Twlight/Geode, all $16. Please, do everyone a favor though, and DON’T match your eyes to your clothes!

For night: Go bold (if you’re brave enough!). Pick the screamers- neon yellow, pink and orange! Apply them boldly, just to the lid. Shadows will work, but also try a colored liner for a brighter hue. If you have a day color you love, but want to make it pop at night, use Aveda’s Color Options™ Eye Shadow Transformer, $25, to embolden it.

Spring Beauty Trend: Matte Lips

For the office: Once again, chose a color that doesn’t make all your clients just stare at your lips, instead of listening to what you have to say. Pink hues, like sherbet and watermelon, will add just enough color to make it through the day. Choose a matte finish with no shine. Try Aveda's Uruku Color Gloss in Berry, $16.

Here's an easy way to wear hair clips in the office. 

For night: Trade your pink, for orange!

Spring Beauty Trend: Hair clips

For the office: Choose a clip close to your hair color. Orlando Pita wrapped clips in faux hair at a Carolina Herrera show, but for those of us without direct access to designer duds, cheaper versions can be found at local drugstores.

For night: Clips with embellishments (think: rhinestones, beads, swirls) add personality to your nighttime look. Pick something fun, vintage or bold to pull aside your bangs- helping you achieve another spring beauty look, pinned bangs.

Spring Beauty Trend: Chignons

For the office: Keep it low and (mostly!) neat. Try a ballerina bun at the nape of your neck, or a slightly looser version, with face framing wisps, for a more relaxed look. Add a deep side part or slick it back (another spring trend!) to change it up. Aveda's Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray, $26, will give you hold while helping you to achieve this "slicked back" style.

For night: Come on, get higher! Try a high, super neat bun. Or rough it up by adding a “hair halo,” or fuzzies. Either use a make-up brush to brush hair back and forth, or swirl your fingers in circles to achieve the same effect. Add some fun clips for an even more spring look!

Orange lips are great for spring... But maybe not the office. Try this look at night!

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