Spray Your Way to Thicker Fuller Hair

Ever wish you could have thicker fuller hair -- well now you can with Aveda's latest creation Thickening Tonic.   The tonic comes in the form of a liquid spray for easy use and instantly thickens hair from roots to ends.  This product can be used by any hair type that wants thicker feeling hair.  Be sure to shake the product well and spray the product on liberally from root to ends.  If you are also looking for volume, this can be used with the Volumizing Tonic as well -- use the Voluming Tonic on the roots only and the Thickening Tonic from roots to ends.  The Thickening Tonic imparts a slight "roughness" to the hair to create grip and provides light to medium hold all day.  

Wheat protein botanicals protect the hair from heat-styling damage; and the key botanical that thickens the individual hair strands is Amla, an Ayurvedic herb sourced from India.  You are probably asking, how much thicker will my hair be?  The Thickening Tonic works on the surface of the hair to instantly thicken it by 20%.  The tonic bonds to the hair two different ways and creates a "false" cuticle  layer that increases the overall hair mass which make the hair look and feel thicker.  

Heat is not required to activate the tonic, but Aveda does recommend blowdrying for maximum results.  And if it wasn't enough that the tonic thickens hair, it smells great too -- the tonic has a warm and spicy aroma that includes certified organic vanilla, bergamot and clary sage.

-Candy Guerra

Circle C Hair Cutting Specialist


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