Should you get bangs?

By Kendra Nunley, Stylist - South Congress location

Bangs or fringe can complement a face shape and or complete a look. When considering a new look with bangs there are a few things to consider, face shape, hair texture, hair density, and maintenance. The best way to figure out what length will benefit you is by consulting with your stylist. If you are not sure about taking the plunge with a full on fringe, consider a soft swoop bang. The swoop bang is an easy way to transition into a shorter fringe and you will also learn if you are willing or wanting to go shorter. Every fringe is customized for your own unique and individual look.

For those of you who are looking to grow out your fringe, consult with your stylist. Most of the time you will want to grow out into a swoop bang and continue with customized haircuts for your face shape.

We always welcome you to a complimentary bang trim within two weeks of your haircut. There’s no need to take the shears into your own hands.

Are you sporting bangs? Which style is your favorite?

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