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Should I dye my eyebrows?

By: Jessica Morris - Color Specialist, South Congress

Have you ever thought about dyeing your eyebrows? If you find you are penciling in your eyebrows everyday, or are starting to see some gray hairs in them, brow tinting may be for you. 

Your eyebrows are hair, and like the hair on your head, you get grays in them as you age. Sounds fun, right? But also like the hair on your head, you can dye your eyebrows to cover those pesky gray hairs. 

“What color should I tint my eyebrows?” Well, it’s generally more natural to have eyebrows a few shades darker than your hair color. If you are a bleach-blonde, you’ll want your brows to be much darker. You might be tempted to lighten them too light, but remember the lighter they go, the more alien-like you’ll look - remember 70's era David Bowie?

So darker is usually better. What about redheads? Most natural redheads have warmer eyebrows, a shade or so darker than the hair on their head. So when you color your hair red at the salon, you’ll want to ask about tinting your brows just a little bit warmer (think auburn). Putting the same color you have on your head on your eyebrows isn’t recommended, because the results could be too “fake” looking. Your colorist will know what to recommend. 

How long will it last? Typical brow tinting doesn’t last as long as the root touchups you get at the salon; it will keep them looking sharp for about 2 weeks, depending on how often you wash your face and what type of cleanser you use at home. You can make it last a little longer by avoiding your eyebrow area when you use your face cleanser, but it will still fade faster than your regular haircolor. You can go to the salon for in-between eyebrow touchups if you like.

How does it work? Your stylist or esthetician will cleanse your eyebrow area of any remaining pencil or powder. They will choose a shade that will compliment your hair and eye color and mix it with peroxide - usually a very low percentage (3%) so as to not irritate your skin. Then they apply the color to your eyebrows in the shape of your arch. The color sits on and goes to work, usually anywhere from 5 - 20 minutes, depending on the brand. They will then take off the color and then depending on the result, they may reapply the color again for a few more minutes. 

How much does it cost? You’ll expect to pay about $20 for the salon service. At Maximum FX we schedule the appointment ahead of time, or you can usually add on the service during your regular haircut or color appointment. If you plan on waxing your eyebrows as well, you’ll want to have your brows tinted first, and then waxed, so that the color doesn’t irritate your freshly waxed skin. The appointment takes about 15 minutes total.

The results can be as subtle or dramatic as you’d like. Here are some examples of recent subtle brow tints we have done. 

Do you have questions about eyebrow tinting? Leave them in the comments below!

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