Should I change my skin care routine when seasons change?

By: Tess Rodriguez, Best Esthetician, Austin Chronicle 2010

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Mister winter is upon us. We all our change routines, like switching out our wardrobes to prepare for the colder air and unpredictable weather. One of the things we all forget to change is our skin care routine. It seems like overnight that our skin starts to flake, have reddish blotches and even look dull or drab. Ugghhhh….Throughout the spring and summer we all make sure we use a moisturizer with sunscreen- the importance of which I can’t stress enough, but I’ll save that for a later post! With the drier, colder air during winter, our skin can really take a beating, but it really doesn’t take much to add or change out a step in your daily routine.I recommend using a heavier moisturizer during the day and evening to protect your skin. The colder air dries out your skin much faster. With that being said, you should still cleanse and exfoliate because you don’t want to neglect your skin by not removing the excess dry skin.

It really isn’t hard to change out the product or add any extra time to your routine. It’s just about forming the habit! Keep your skin happy with the right skin care routine.

One of my favorite winter moisturizers is the Green Science Firming Face Cream. It helps to improve visible skin firmness, moisturize and strengthen the skin’s barrier function.

What is your favorite moisturizer whether it be an Aveda product or not? Please leave a comment below, I'm interested to know.

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