Salon Specialization: What’s in it for you?

Salon specialization is the practice of  creating special teams around cutting and coloring in an effort to allow each stylist to specialize in their respective area.   Specialization isn't anything new.  Typically you'll find specialized salons in top tier operations that are obsessed with customer service, whose focus is on excellence, and are incredibly team-oriented.   Maximum FX is a specialized salon.

If we’re being honest, of course we benefit from being specialized.  It helps us to book appointments with more flexibility, allowing us to service more clients and offer a broader range of service availability. Speciazlization also allows us to embody one of our core values: Teamwork. When one team member is falling behind on timing, there’s another one available and waiting to help them out. We can rely on each other, and trust in each other’s skills.

But if we’re being even more honest, the benefits YOU receive from specialization in the salon far outweigh ours.

Specializing allows stylists to excel in their desired skill by achieving higher education, like this cutting class led by Christine Zilinski.

Specialization allows you to receive the absolute best services MFX can offer.

Specialization allows us to offer you the best services possible from the best-trained and most-specialized stylists available. From the beginning, our stylists get to choose their area of specialization and commit to doing the work they love. This soon becomes evident in the results they produce, the investment they make in their craft and the continued education they seek in order to hone their skills even further. Ever heard the expression “Jack of all trades, master of nothing?” At MFX, our stylists are masters in their specialization, whether it be cutting or coloring.

In addition to getting the best possible service and results, you also share one of our benefits: flexibility and availability in scheduling! Some color and cut combination services can take up to THREE HOURS! That’s an entire afternoon that would need to be available for one specific stylist. With a demand for a long appointment, availability can sometimes be a nightmare, pushing your color or cut out two, three, maybe even four weeks!  Combine this with a demanding work schedule or children’s school demands, and we’d only see you twice a year! With specialization, the necessary time for each individual stylist is greatly reduced, giving you a much greater chance of getting your cut and color when you need it at the best time for you.   It's not about us, it's about YOU.

Sure, specialization means that sometimes another stylist will blow-dry your hair, or rinse out your color, but rest assured that you can trust their skills as well. All of our stylists must be skill certified on all of the services we offer in the training process. Not only does this ensure that they are able to provide you exceptional results, but that the results will reflect the superior skills of one another. However, if there’s a certain way you like your bangs dried or your favorite stylist does this “thing” during your shampoo that feels soooo good, let us know! Our stylists are more than happy to share their skills with each other. What’s better than one stylist giving you an awesome blowout juuuust the way you like it? Another one able to do the exact same thing.  We share this bit information not to convince you that this is a better way to provide services, but instead, to inform you why we've chosen to operate this way.    That's not to say that salons that do not specialize are inferior.   Specialization works for us, and we've seen better results all the way around.

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