Salon Relaxation - It Really Is Okay To Give Us The Silent Treatment

relaxing, salon, spa, hair, beauty, aveda, austin, south congress austin, circle c ranch austin, We're giving you the green light. Whether you had a craptacular day or just need a little peace, it's okay, we understand.  Don't feel like talking?  We get it.   A conversation about your hair is a must, but after that it's your prerogative (and yes that is the correct spelling:)) If you decide to read, answer emails, or just look at Facebook on your phone, we will not take offense. Our goal is to make sure the "you" walking out of the  salon is an improved version of the "you" that walked into the salon; both physically and mentally. So if you need a bit of quiet time let us know. We will get you some tea, grab you a magazine, and give you the mental break you need.

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