Rachel Salome on jewelry, fashion and being a "Hall of Famer"

Rachel Salome is sold at Parts & Labour, Eliza Page and etsy.com

Rachel Salome began designing jewelry at age 8. She grew as a designer in high school and beyond. With experience in New York and throughout Texas, now recognized state-wide, she has completed a certification in jewelry and been honored as 2010 Austin Shines Design Competition winner in the "Craftsmanship and Technique" category. Each piece of jewelry is individually crafted by Rachel using recycled metals and stones. Today, her jewelry is sold at Parts & Labour and Eliza Page, as well as online on etsy.com.

After MFX-SOCO’s Austin Fashion Week event, “Beauty, Bubbles and Baubles,” Rachel talked about all things jewelry, fashion… and skeeball.

 Why did you begin designing your own line of jewelry?

I have always been interested in fashion and jewelry, and have studied both. I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Fashion Design, and also received a Certificate in Jewelry from Austin Community College. I began designing jewelry because there wasn't anyone doing a line of handmade jewelry that really walked the line between casual and fancy. Rachel Salome began with one piece and expanded into a line of handcrafted contemporary jewelry with a classic feel, pieces that are still interesting but can be worn every day.

What's the best part of being a jewelry designer?

The best part of being a jewelry designer is having an idea and seeing it through creation. I'm not much for drawing; I'm more of a 3D thinker, so I come up with designs in my head based on things I see every day, like vintage jewelry and architectural elements. I usually start by playing around with the design on the computer CAD program or carving wax by hand. I love working with my hands, and being able to take wax and sculpt it, or cutting and soldering silver is so rewarding to see it finished and shiny, and ready to wear.

What is your "must-have," favorite piece of jewelry?

My new favorite "must-have" piece of jewelry isn't even on my website yet because I keep selling out! They are my Nautilus ears, and they are hoops that remind you of the inside of a sea shell. My all time favorite piece is my tiny quatrefoil necklace, which I wear with EVERYTHING.

What was the best part of Austin Fashion Week for you?

The best part of Austin Fashion Week really is going to all the parties! There are so many salons, stores, and designers in Austin that it's hard to see them all. Or you have heard of them but never been in the shop or seen their designs. Austin Fashion Week gives everyone a chance not only to mingle and shop, but to get out and explore all that Austin has to offer in fashion.

What's something about yourself that not many people know?

Outside of my friends, not many people know that I am a championship Skeeball player. I roll in the original Skeeball league, Brewskeeball. I have been to the Brewskeeball National Championships twice, and have won numerous trophies here in the Austin Brewskeeball league. I am currently still the only woman in any of our league cities to have won the "Best Roller of the Year" tournament, and was inducted into the Brewskeeball Hall of Fame this past May.

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