Quick styling and beauty tips from Cassie that are TOTALLY worth trying. - Part 2

By: Cassie Ward, Colorist, Circle C Ranch Location

Everyone always wants to look like they just stepped out of the salon, whether you are blazing out the door to get to work or all dressed up for a hot date. Here are some quick styling and beauty tips that willl save you time and will keep you always looking your best. Trust me, they are worth a try.


  • Shadow first, followed by foundation.

When applying makeup start by applying your eye shadow powders first. After completing the perfect smokey eye, take a face towel or make up removing wipe and clean under your eyes and cheeks. This will prevent left over shadows that have fallen from sticking to your foundation or concealer.

  • Wash those bangs!

The Texas heat can seriously take its toll on our hair. It can cause our scalp to over produce oils which leaves your hair looking greasy, limp and lifeless, especially in the fringe area. If you want to refresh your look without having to shampoo your entire head, just shampoo your bangs! Take a bobby pin or a clip and section out your fringe area while keeping your remaining hair pulled back in a ponytail or shower cap. When washing your face or while showering, release the fringe area from your bobby pin and lightly shampoo your bangs. Style your bangs as usual.

  • Curl your hair away from your face.

For flawless effortless curls that softly frame your face, wrap your hair in the curing iron with the clamp facing the mirrior. Roll your hair in the curling iron AWAY from your face. This will prevent the hair from falling in funny directions and open up your face beautifully. Repeat on opposite side of the head.

Quick styling and beauty tips from Cassie that are TOTALLY worth trying. - Part 1

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