Problem areas for gray hair and solutions to make gray go away.

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“Gray hair is the bane of my existence. It seems like the week after I have my hair colored the grays are already back! And why are they always the worst around my temples and forehead – right where everyone can see them the most?!”

I hear this on a daily basis. As a Colorist, covering your gray is one of my main priorities. Our color team here at MFX has come up with a few ways to ensure those grays stay away as long as possible… Adding a special gray covering agent to your regular color formula, using small papers on your temples to keep the color from drying out while you process in the salon, letting your color stay on the maximum time of 45 minutes… These are all great ways to help the hair color really cover those pesky grays. But what happens when new ones start to grow in?

Here's an idea.  All me to introduce you to the 3-Week New Growth Touchup service.  Did you know that now you can come to the salon every 3 weeks to touch up your new hair growth, and pay only $40. This service does not come with a blowdry, but you are welcome to blowdry your own hair using our tools and products, or you can opt to leave with damp, towel-dried hair.

You can also pair this 3-week service with our MFX Membership – Our yearly membership ($100) includes 12 Free Monthly Blowdry & Styles, and you are welcome to use your Free Blowdry with your 3-week color appointment. (With the membership, you also save 5% off your service, making the $40 touch up cost only $38.)

If you have any questions about this, or wonder if this is right for you, please let me know, I’d love to help! You can call the salon at 512-472-3331, or leave a comment below!

We can’t stop the gray hair from growing, but we CAN stop the gray hair from showing! :)

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