P.O.C. Pop of Color

Katy Perry

By Cassie Ward, Color Specialist, Circle C Ranch location

As we head into the spring, bright colors are all around. This is the perfect time to incorporate these vibrant hues into our wardrobe or everyday look. If you aren’t comfortable walking around looking like a box of highlighters we can add that perfect Pop Of Color or P.O.C. that will keep you on trend the rest of the season! Its all about the element of surprise or the unexpected. Keep people wanting more!

High fashion P.O.C. practitioners add color into their wardrobe by pairing their favorite L.B.D. (little black dress) with mustard yellow pumps, or an every day business suit with a flashy jeweled toned top. If you are little more daring and ready to add a P.O.C. into your every day look, we are here to help!

Bright colors can be added to your mane in various ways. If you aren’t as bold as Katy Perry and her blueberry locks, you might be more inclined to do something a little less drastic. Jordin Sparks was recently spotted sporting a more wearable version of the trend with bold purple highlights. Dip dying, Ombre coloring, peek-a-boo hightlights, color accents, color blocking or color paneling are sure to give anyone the perfect P.O.C.

In mid February Aveda launched pure pigment hair color. These include red, yellow, blue, orange, green, and violet. The punchy colors are less fade resistant and allow colorists to create any color that exists! Each formula is customized for every client to be as subtle or bold as desired. With these striking colors and dramatic placement can be tailored to best suit your personal style. Book your color consultation today!

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