Pet of the Month! Shelby

Here at MFX we are crazy about our pets! We can't help chatting about our adorable doggies, cuddly kitties, and even precious bunnies! Because we talk so much about our fury friends we thought it would be fun to introduce them to you! We hope you enjoy getting to know our best friends a little better!

Meet Shelby

Best Friend of: Lee Anna and Kona the Chihuahua
Breed: Lab Pit Mix
Favorite toy: A ball, any ball will do, or a stick, big stick little stick, any stick will do
Favorite snack: Jerky Treat, I don't get people food and when I do, I don't know what to do with it and Kona usually takes it.
Favorite activity: Playing ball, swimming, playing with a stick, nighttime snuggle time sideways in bed.

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