Pet of the Month! Rabbie

Here at MFX we are crazy about our pets! We can't help chatting about our adorable doggies, cuddly kitties, and even precious bunnies! Because we talk so much about our fury friends we thought it would be fun to introduce them to you! We hope you enjoy getting to know our best friends a little better!

 Meet Rabbie!


Best friend of: Ellie
Breed: We think she's a Bombay cat. But I got her from the town lake animal shelter, so who knows!
Favorite Toy: Bottle caps and pop tabs, but anything that makes noise on the floor. She doesn't see very well sometimes so she loves jingle bells and anything else noisy.
Favorite Snack: She loves when I share my tuna, but she also loves her catnip.
Favorite Activity: Snuggle time while mama watches Netflix!

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