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The perfect Eye Shadow for your everyday look!

aveda Makeup Have you found your soulmate? Your makeup soulmate that is! Introducing Aveda's new soul-mate shades...the perfect eyeshadow to compliment your hair color. Chosen by Aveda makeup experts, soul-mate shades will show off the perfect undertones of your hair color to really make your eyes pop. Choose from one of the six beautiful colors in the collection; spark, lilac glow, peach nectar, amethyst dawn, desert clay, or aura.


To choose your perfect shade, simply find your hair color on the display.


Warm blonde shades with golden undertones will love the subtle golds in spark.


Cool blonde and grey haired ladies will show off in the pinky-purple that is lilac glow.


Warm red with some copper in your hair? Reach for peach nectar, its soft peachy gold will pull out the warm tones in your hair.


Cool red or violet? Show off your color with the bold purple in amethyst dawn!



If you are a warm brunette, you will melt for desert clay! The super matte, warm shade will pull out all of the red, copper, and gold tones in your hair effortlessly.


Cool brunette ladies will fall in love with aura. It is a soft cool brown, perfect for all over the lid or in the crease.

Not sure which shade to pick? Stop in to any of our three convenient locations and talk with one of our makeup experts to find your perfect shade and brush up on your application technique!

Also, if you are loving the limited edition shades lilac glow, peach nectar, amethyst dawn, and desert clay, they are part of Aveda's new spring makeup line, Indian Sunset. Stop by and check out the entire collection and find some new favorites for spring.

-Nikki Hodgkins

Maximum FX Stylist & Makeup Artist


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